Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

The Unseen, Eternal Realm
by Nancy Thompson

All spiritual truth begins in the unseen, eternal realm and it's experiencial expression (for it must be revealed to be experienced), is worked out in us, by Christ as us, in the seen, temporal realm. Norman Grubb says that "what you take, takes you" (appropriatiation of spiritual truth - the Word). Unbelief is the dividing line. We confess a spiritual truth with our mouth; for example, "I am dead to the law", and "dead to sin", and that confession of belief, out loud, returns to the Father, who, by His Son, and His inner witness, reveals that fixed truth in us, experientially, outworked in our actions.

The Father says "my word shall not return to me void." We can only work out (in actions or works), what has been worked into us, by the Father, who is Christ as us