Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

God's Hand
by Norman P. Grubb

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ... you are with me" - Psalm 23:4.

We were occupying an isolated forward trench in full sight of the Germans, about 1,000 yards away. From this trench a small communication trench led to an observation post 100 yards in advance. I was occupying this post with signallers and orderlies. In the morning the Germans laid a barrage on our main trench, but not on the forward post. Suddenly a clear word came to me, "Get out of your post and go back to where they are being shelled." I said to the others, "I'm going back to the trench. You fellows do what you like." I broke all regulations and did not even strap on my equipment and revolver, but just went down the communication trench followed by the others. No sooner had we arrived than a shell fell plumb on the post and buried all our equipment and would have buried us. We had to return later and dig our stuff out.

One night my platoon was digging a trench about 100 yards in length. Suddenly the Germans dropped a series of crumps, as we called their 5-inch shells, right at one end of this trench line. You don't feel like going and standing where the shells have just dropped with their acrid smell, but something said to me, "Move over from where you are standing (at the other end of the trench) and go where the shells have just dropped." I did so, and a moment later the next set of crumps fell exactly where I had been standing.

- Once Caught, No Escape