Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

All of Life is Inner Conciousness
by Fred Pruitt

"All of life is inner conciousness." That means more and more to me daily. We want so much for the so-called "outer" to manifest something, to change, to be different, to give us some evidence, when I realized that the inner IS the outer and there is no change coming of that sort whatsoever, it already IS, and what IS (Love, Joy, Wisdom, Truth) is already manifest in fulness. People want to argue with that on some sort of dogmatic level, and on that level it makes no sense.

On that level, outer and inner are always two, and posititional truth is the only thing that makes sense, because like the children of Israel before us, we deny the truth in front of our eyes, which is, "the Lord will fight for you," (which is and has been the evident truth for all of life if we could but for a moment see it -- Rom 8:28 has been and IS and forever will be always operative), and when we are ready, again like the children of Israel who walked 40 yrs in the wilderness (where they were sustained day by day even in unbelieving), we walk over Jordan and possess the land that has always been ours and in which we have been walking around possessing without even knowing it. We are shepherds who one day a prophet walks by and pours oil on our head and says now we're a king.

It isn't a matter of right dogma and correct perceptual believing, but of knowing. People in twoness cannot understand this, because oneness (God's manifest fulness in everything that is) swallows up distinction between inner and outer because in God there is no distinction. You can't legislate that. We are it.