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Daily Thoughts  

The Divine Romance
by Gene Edwards

A scene from a time not so long ago. . .

"Behold, full salvation!"

"Behold, the new creation!"

Every eye turned toward the girl. She stood in the door of the tomb, covered in a brightness of Light not seen since creation. The very purity of God radiated from her like rivers of living fire.

The spirit was alive. Divine life was IN her. Her own spirit was one with His. In it all, the soul had been washed as white as snow, and was, even then, being transformed by the Spirit of Divine Love radiating out of the spirit into her soul.

"Behold!" thundered Gabriel. "A human being has become partaker of the divine Life.

"Behold," he cried again--as only Gabiel could--"standing before you that which has never been before. A new species. A NEW CREATION!"

"Behold, the New Creation. Being of His being. Essence of His essence. Life of His Life."

"A New Creation IN Christ Jesus!"

What did the Lord see in that moment? A girl. A bride! Young. Spotless. Created, nay, built, out of the godness of God. In HIS eyes, she was perfect. And, in HIS eyes, all His rivals--and all her enemies and suitors--no longer existed.

Through His eyes He saw a girl who, like Him, had risen from the tomb, beyond death's reach, beyond the reaches of all imperfection. She. . . risen, triumphant over the grave, Death beneath her feet.

That is what HIS eyes saw. WHAT OTHER EYES MAY SEE IS OF NO MATTER. Who is this incredible girl? Do you no yet know?

YOU. . . are that girl.

taken from the Divine Romance by Gene Edwards