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Daily Thoughts  

On the Eve of Union
by Madame Guyon

When the very nature and will of the self have died, when the soul, in its experience of death, falls into the embrace of God. . . when the inward parts of that believer are truly united to the Lord. . . with nothing between, then, the soul is united to the Lord. Oddly, the believer himself does not recognize this. Consequently, he cannot enjoy the fruits of this union, not until God brings this new life into being and the believer begins to realize that the Lord has become the soul's vitalizing source.

A young bride who has fainted into the embrace of her husband is closely united with him, but she does not enjoy the blessedness of her union with him because she is unconscious. Nonetheless, her husband holds her in his arms while she is in a state of fainting that has come from excess love. He recalls her to life again, tenderly by his caresses, and as she comes to consiousness she knows that she possesses him whom her soul loves and that she is possessed by him. So, too, is it with the believer.

taken from Union with God by Jeanne Guyon