Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Losing Your Life
by Walter Lanyon

Do you not see that, when you lose your life—the human sense of birth, growth, maturity and decay—you will find the eternal Life, that which will restore all which you thought was eaten by the locust—human belief? “For this IS (present tense) Life eternal, that they might know thee.”

Beloved, the day breaks—gradually we shall know the truth of the statement “And God shall wipe away all tears, there shall be no more crying.” The belief of human misery shall pass away, and you shall stand revealed—the son of the Living God.

The hour has struck. The door is closed. We are beginning the process from within out, which shall change us, or reveal to us the “full stature of Christ.” Eyes have not seen”—we do not look for a pattern or model of this temple of the Living God, but we gaze inwardly to the “Picture shown us upon the mount” and this is the picture that shall be reproduced in the flesh. “Yet in my (my own) flesh shall I see God.” “Believest thou this?”

taken from The Laughter of God by Walter Lanyon