Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Madame Guyon

THE Soul thus possessed of God, finds that He is so perfectly Lord over it, that it can no longer do anything but what He pleases and as He pleases; and this state goes on increasing. Its powerlessness is no longer painful but pleasant, because it is full of the Life and Power of the Divine Will.

The dead Soul is in Union, but it does not enjoy the fruits of it until the moment of its Resurrection, when God, causing it to pass into Him, gives it such pledges and assurances of the consummation of its Divine Marriage, that it can no longer doubt: for this immediate Union is so spiritual, so refined, so divine, so intimate, that it is equally impossible for the Soul to conceive or to doubt it. For we may observe that the whole way whereof we speak, is infinitely removed from any imagination; these Souls are not in the least imaginative, having nothing in the intellect, and are perfectly protected from deceptions and illusions, as everything takes place within.

During their passage through the Way of Faith, they had nothing distinct, for distinctness is entirely opposed to Faith, and they could not enjoy anything of that sort, having only a certain generality as a foundation upon which everything was communicated to them. But it is far otherwise when the life becomes advanced in God; for though they have nothing distinct for themselves, they have for others, and their illumination for the use of others, though not always received by those for whom it was intended, is the more certain as it is more immediate, and as it were natural.

When God raises a Soul, that is to say, receives it into Himself, and the living germ, which is no other than the Life and Spirit of the Word, begins to appear, it constitutes the Revelation in it of Jesus Christ, (Gal. i. 16,) who lives in us by the loss of the life of Adam subsisting in Self.

taken from Way To God by Jeanne Guyon