Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Strong by Faith
by Norman P. Grubb

If we cast aside the suggestions of Satan, the delusions of our own feelings of separation, the sense of weakness and ignorance; if we boldly possess our possessions in Christ, draw the sword of the Spirit upon the deceiver, declare by God's word that we are one with Christ and with one another, one mystic organism, with one divine life flowing in and through all; then we are strong by faith, for His strength is in us; we are wise for His wisdom is ours; we have love, joy or any other needed grace of the Spirit, for we are permeated with Him. All we need to do is to go forward in this faith, and we shall find that what is true in the realm of the Spirit becomes manifest, through our faith, in the realm of the senses.

Norman Grubb- Touching the Invisible