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Daily Thoughts  

New Virginity
by Jacob Boehme

And still more is it for us men a great joy that God has in our dead and mort virginity revealed himself, and withal through everything. And that the Word, which is the power of the life of God, has given itself again to humanity, to the dead and as it were abandoned virginity, and has reopened the virgin life, at that we rejoice; and we enter by our imagination into the centre in which God has revealed himself in humanity, that is, into the incarnation of his Son, and become thus in our imagination, which we introduce into his incarnation, pregnant with his revealed Word and the power of the heavenly divine essentiality,ónot indeed anything that is alien, but at the same time alien to what is earthly. The Word has revealed itself everywhere, and in every manís vital light; and there is nothing wanting but that the Spirit of the soul give itself up to it. And then the soulís spirit puts on again the eternal Virginity, not as a garment, but from its own essence: God is born in it. For Mary along with all the daughters of Eve was born earthly, but the covenant of the love of God evinced in her essence that God would there in her open again the life.

--The Incarnation of Jesus Christ by Jacob Boehme (Kessinger Pub. Co. Kila MT) page 89