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Almighty Meekness
by Norman Grubb

Two rival principles of action, an old and a new, joined battle at Calvary, and call the world's attention to their relative claims--force vs meekness.

The way of force the world has known and practiced from its infancy.

But in the fulness of time the true light shone forth. A new revelation, God's final word, fulness of wisdom and brightness of His glory, illuminated the world in the person of His Son; and He brought to light by word and action a new way of conquest, a new method of government, a new dynamic power which is to swallow up the old way of force, unconquerable, eternal, irrestible, for it is the very nature of the Creator-Redeemer God in action--the way of meekness.

Contrast the use of force and meekness, and what do we find? Force is power on the circumference, meekness power at the center. Force, power on the outward, meekness, power on the inward. Force power visible, meekness power invisible. Force is man's unregenerate spirit putting forth it energies, mental, verbal, physical, to attain its end. Meekness is God's Spirit, reigning in a man who first dies to all self-attitudes and activities, and working through that man by his ways of love, faith, lowliness, and long-suffering, the almighty works of God in the particular situation.

Who won at Calvary, and is still winning and will win? The outward might of deep-laid scheme, mob violence, and Roman law, or the inward, hidden might of the Lamb who opened not His mouth? Which have been more powerful, the legions of Caesar or the gospel of Jesus?

The meek inherit the earth.

taken from World Conquest Magazine, Mar/Apr 1939