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Testimony - Rees Howells
by Norman P. Grubb

"The spirit ... in us tends towards envy, but he gives us more grace" - James 4:5-6.

One evening when his friend and he were speaking in the open air, the friend preached first, and the Holy Ghost so used him that Mr. Howells began to wonder how he would ever preach after him (he was not a gifted open-air speaker), and that grew into a thought of jealousy. "No one knew it," he said, ''but that night the Holy Ghost whipped me and humbled me to the dust. He showed me the ugliness of it and how the devil would take advantage of such a thing to damage the souls of those people. I never saw a thing I hated more than that, and I could have cursed myself for it. `Didn't you come out to the open air for these souls to be blessed?' He said. `And if so, what difference does it make through whom I bless them?' He told me to confess the sin to my friend.

"From that day on I have not dared to cherish a thought of jealousy, because not once did the Holy Ghost go back on His word to me. Whatever warning of punishment He had given me, if I disobeyed, I had to pay the full penalty. A person might think it was a life of bondage and fear. It would be to the flesh, but to the new man in Christ it was a life of fullest liberty. At first I had a tendency to pity myself and grumble at the penalty for disobedience, but as I saw that I must either lose this corrupt self here or bear the shame of its exposure hereafter, I began to side with the Holy Spirit against myself, and looked on the stripping as a deliverance rather than a loss."

- Rees Howells, Intercessor