Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Living by the Life of Another
by Bob Guess

Every negative, every embarrassment, every movement of self effort, knowledge based spirituality, any leaning on anything except Christ as my life must be exposed for what it is- The Illusion of independence and the ability to BECOME more spiritual. There is only ONE holy Life. Because of my union with Jesus, I am a partaker of that Life.

Christianity is Christ. Christianity is His character being expressed through my behavior, and that is what makes me the light of the world. What He is essentially, I am derivatively because of my union with Him.(I Cor.6:17)

You cannot earn a holy life, you cannot reproduce it, copy it, WWJD it, or anything else. You canít memorize yourself into it, seminary your way into it. You want to know why? Because it is already yours, IF Christ is in you.

Holy living is NOT an achievement. There is nothing you can do by self effort to become more holy. Holiness is not a commodity that you need to get more of, neither is love or patience! You canít get any of these ďassetsĒ by doing more.

Love is not a commodity, it is a Person. Patience is not a commodity; it is the fruit of a Person- The Holy Spirit.

Everything which God IS for us intrinsically, I am derivatively because of my inner union with Him for the world. I am an expression of His life, similar to when Jesus was asked to show the disciples the Father, He exclaimed, He who has seen me has seen the Father. (John 14:9) Everything that happens to me in this life (good, bad, ugly) is purposed by God to reveal to me that I live by the Life of Another- His Life.

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