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Daily Thoughts  

What About Sin? -- Get Over It!
by Fred Pruitt

Someone asked, "what about sin?"


"Look, I really don't know all about the mechanics of sin. I know people who can chart it out and demonstrate how sin happens and why, but I don't know any of that. We aren't about sin anymore, why bother with it? We're righteosness people. The sin issue is for babies and for people who want to argue about it. Get off it! It isn't our subject anymore. We're about love now. We're about others now. Sin doesn't enter that picture, because love doesn't allow it. When I was 18 or so and full of oats, I used to call my job and make up some excuse after partying all night why I couldn't be at work the next day. But when I got a little older and I had kids with mouths to feed, because I LOVED them I didn't have the luxury anymore of ditching work. Love compelled me to get out there and earn a living and take care of my family. Now that's who we are now. We're lovers, not sinners, and it is no longer our issue once we realize we're He and we live for others. Give it up! Get off it! Sin has no more to do with us!"