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Daily Thoughts  

True Peace
by John Fautley

When people ask me how can you have peace (I think the Americans use the word 'closure'), about the loss of your wife, or the loss of your daughter's mother, how can this be? Where does your 'proof’ come from? Has your wife contacted you since her passing to show you she is OK, how do you Know she is OK? How do you know where she is? If you have had no 'sign' from her to show you that she is OK then, how can you have any peace about it?

I would have to answer, that my peace about my wife and my daughter's mother, is 'once removed'. I KNOW that Christ (God) is the Truth, and therefore the Truth cannot Lie, (because if it could, it would not be pure, and therefore no truth at all), it then follows when you KNOW what the Truth has said…………. and promised……. Then it follows that my wife and my daughter's mother is 'safe' and I can have Peace……. The Peace that passes all understanding is indeed 'The Pearl' that those who seek it not, seek it not at their own peril.