Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Watchman Nee
by Spiritual Authority

Man likes to build reasons as strongholds around his thought, yet these reasons must be destroyed and thought taken captive. In spiritual warfare, the strongholds need to be stormed before the thought can be taken captive. If reasons are not cast aside there is no possibility of bringing man's thought into obedience to Christ.

There must come a day when God's authority overthrows all strongholds of reasoning which Satan has erected and recaptures all a man's thought to make him a willing slave of God.--Whereupon he no longer thinks independently of Christ. He is wholly obedient to Him.

This is full deliverance.

One who has not met authority often tries to be Gods counselor. Wherever he goes his first thoughts are how to improve the situation.
The primary evidence that one has met God is in the disappearing of one's opinions and cleverness.

We should not consider ourselves different from others, because we have learned a little of spiritual lessons.

All is God's grace, all is given of God, nothing comes from ourselves. Ministry comes from resurrection, resurrection comes from God.