Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Thomas Traherne

Love is so divine and perfect a thing, that it is worthy to be the very end and being of the Deity. It is His goodness, and it is His glory. We therefore so vastly delight in Love, because all these Excellencies and all other whatsoever lie within it. By Loving a Soul does propagate and beget itself. By Loving it does dilate and magnify itself. By Loving it does enlarge and delight itself. By Loving also it delighteth others, as by Loving it doth honour and enrich itself. But above all by Loving it does attain itself. Love also being the end of Souls, which are never perfect till they are in act what they are in power. They were made to love, and are dark and vain and comfortless till they do it. Love is so noble that it enjoyeth others enjoyments, delighteth in giving all unto its object, and in seeing all given to its object. So that whosoever loveth all mankind, he enjoyeth all the goodness of God to the whole world.

God is present by Love alone. By Love alone He is great and glorious. By Love alone He liveth and feeleth in other persons. By Love alone he enjoyeth all the creatures, by Love alone He is pleasing to Himself, by Love alone He is rich and blessed. O why dost not thou by Love alone seek to achieve all these, by Love alone attain another self, by Love alone live in others, by Love attain thy glory? The Soul is shriveled up and buried in a grave that does not Love. But that which does love wisely and truly in the joy and end of all the world, the King of Heaven, and the Friend of God, the shinning Light and Temple of Eternity: the Brother of Christ Jesus, and one Spirit with the Holy Ghost.


O Adorable Trinity! What hast Thou done for me? Thou hast made me the end of all things, and all the end of me, I in all, and all in me. In every soul whom Thu hast created, Thou hast given me the Similitude of Thyself to enjoy! Could my desired have aspired unto such treasures? Could my wisdom have devised such sublime injoyments? Oh! Thou hast done more for us than we could ask or think. I praise and admire, and rejoice in Thee: who are infinitely infinite in all Thy doings.