Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Norman P. Grubb

Moses was a daring man. You all know the paragraph in Exodus 32, after the golden calf incident. But his words are so tremendous. Has the tremendousness of them ever struck you? He had this burden on him. He had the wrath of God and all that. He faced them with their sins and so on, and with repentance. And then, you remember, he went back up the mount after he had broken the tablets and brought judgment on the people—and brought repentance on them too.

Now he went back, and look what he said, verse 30, “Ye have sinned a great sin,” he said to Israel, “Ye have sinned a great sin, and now I will go up unto the Lord. Peradventure I shall make an atonement for you.” I like that. Think of that, a man saying that. “I will make an atonement for you.” That’s something there, you know. That’s the Spirit of God. That’s the Spirit of God in a person. Now, there’s a sense in which we have to come and be substitutes for the people to whom we go. There is the same sense there. But now look what he said. My! Moses returned unto the Lord in verses 31-32 and said, “Oh, this people have sinned a great sin, and made them gods of gold. Yet now, if thou wilt forgive their sin,”—then evidently he saw doubt. Evidently something made him feel God wasn’t prepared yet. And he shouts this out: he said, “If not, blot me I pray Thee out of Thy book which Thou hast written.” In other words, “If you don’t save them, damn me with them.” What a statement! The man stakes not his body, but his soul on the souls of others. He says, “I won’t go to heaven unless you take those with me.” My, that’s a statement! He said, “Damn my soul if you don’t save them!” That’s prayer. Others have said, “I’ll give my body,” but he said, “I’ll give my immortal soul.” Tremendous!