Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Divine Blessing
by Michael Molinos

Has it never occured to you that when one is in the process of dying, he must suffer? How well is your time employed when you are dry, dumb, and resigned, yet sitting and waiting upon Him?

Here is something for you to consider. Divine blessing does not rest in your five senses.

Where, then, does the Divine blessing rest? The answer, again, is somewhere deep within you. Therefore come to Him, silent, believing, suffering, and with patience. With confidence press on. Rest in Him and be guided by His hand. This is better than all the goods in the world.

Look at the ox that grinds the meal. He seems to go nowhere and do nothing, yet he accomplishes a great work. Can that be called failure? It is not!

Remember this, the ox is receiving nothing of the corn but the master receives a great gift, and the master enjoys the produce of the ox.

If your pursuit of Christ is pure, that is sufficient reward.