Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Great Virtues
by Madame Guyon

Many great souls have many great virtues. But the Christian of whom I am speaking now has none at all. All he has is weakness on weakness, impotence upon impotence. Another believer may go forth on what he SEES, and he subsists on things that are great. But there are other Christians who move, not by what they HAVE, internally. . . but by what has been removed from them internally.

They have lost all.

What other Christians do is admired; what this believer does is. . . fail. Everything he does is thwarted. Everything he touches he spoils. He succeeds at nothing, and is approved in nothing. Where is the Lord taking him? To this place: to see all happiness in the Bridegroom and NOTHING in himself.

taken from Spiritual Torrents by Jeanne Guyon.