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The Will of God is Jesus
by Steve McVey

The starting point for understanding the will of God must be grace. Remember that legalism is the method of living whereby we try to make spiritual progress based on what we do. The legalist asks, "WHAT is the will of God for me?" Yet before we can correctly relate to the WHAT of God's will, we must properly relate to the WHO of His will. The will of God is not primarily a plan, but instead is a Person. Jesus Christ is the will of God. When one rightly relates to Him, doing the will of God becomes the natural result of our union with Him.

Many Christians live like deists. A deist basically believes that God created the world, fueled it up like a car, and then stepped back to watch it run its course. Deism recognizes very little personal interaction between God and His world. Its perspective implies that God has empowered the car (earth) to run, and now it is up to man where he drives it. Of course, most Christians would contest such a view. We believe that God is very much involved in the detailed events of this world. Yet many Christians act like a deist when it comes to God's will. They look for God to show them His will so that they can then go out and do it.

taken from Grace Rules by Steve McVey.