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Daily Thoughts  

The Measure of a Man
by John Collings

True manhood is not a test of what we have or can accomplish. It is not a matter of wealth or accumulated possessions, or how well we can make it on our own. It is not how much we have learned, or how much we know. It is not how strong or how disciplined we have become.

True manhood is obtained by the ways in which we contribute to those around us, our families, our co-workers, our employees, our fellowship. How we give to those who cannot give back is a greater measure of our manhood than how we perform for those who will reward us.

Your maturity will become evident when you do not need to be first, when you do not require of others. When you need people, not for what you will receive from them, but for the way you are able to give to them from the gifts you possess, then, you have obtained True Manhood.

I began writing this for my son, then realized that it was for me, then understood that it was for my father. I have been understanding, and even teaching about fellowship, and about grace, and still revelation comes from many directions.

Fellowship: That all that is really important in our lives is about giving, and our interaction with those around us. I the purest sense, knowing the Father, and what gives him joy or sorrow. It is understanding his motives and purposes, and it is being his vessel, acting as his agent in this world.

Grace: That regardless of how the Father is known and understood, regardless of how he is treated or received, he manifests his Love to all his children by orchestrating their lives to the purpose of knowing him (having fellowship with him).

My first thought is that all that my son is, he is by the seeds that I have planted in him. He is by what I have given him. My son stands on my shoulders. He is who he is by the grace of his father.

And so are we all.