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Daily Thoughts  

The Simple Message
by Fynn

The message of the Bible was simple and any half-wit could grasp it in thirty minutes flat! Religion was for doing things, not for reading about doing things. Once you had got the message there wasn't much point in going over and over the same old ground. Our local parson was taken aback when he asked her (Anna) about God. The conversation went as follows:

'Do you believe in God?'
'Do you know what God is?'
'What is God then?'
'He's God!'
'Do you go to church?'
'Why not?'
'Because I know it all!'
'What do you know?'
'I know to love Mister God and to love people and cats and dogs and spiders and flowers and trees', and the catalogue on, '-- with all of me.'

Anna had bypassed all the non-essentials and distilled centuries of learning into one sentence '-- And God said love me, love them, and love it, and don't forget to love yourself.'

The whole business of adults going to church filled Anna with suspicion. The idea of collective worship went against her sense of private conversations with Mister God. As for going to church to meet Mister God, that was preposterous. After all, if Mister God wasn't everywhere, he wasn't anywhere. For her, church-going and 'Mister God' talks had no necessary connection. For her the whole thing was transparently simple. You went to church to get the message when you were very little. Once you had got it, you went out and did something about it. Keeping on going to church was because you hadn't got the message, or didn't understand it, or it was 'just for swank'.

From: Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn