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Your Mind is not Your Nature
by Warren Litzman

Born-again Christians have become partakers of the divine nature (II Peter 1:4), and by this have come to express an essential rather than just a moral transformation. Partakers of the divine nature means that we now have God's character in us in place of Satan's sin nature. Believers have not been able to see that their only nature is the God-nature because they have never understood that the sin nature was Satan's distinctive nature, and that all the days of their unbelieving sinful lives they were carrying out his deception.

It is here that we must see there is no human nature. There is a human mind, which many in religion have long attributed to being a human nature. The mind is where decisions are made, a God-created place, but the mind is not a nature. The nature which human beings have in sin is basically the characteristics of Satan being manifested. When a believer is born-again and becomes a partaker of divine nature, the most obvious result is that he now has the nature of God within him, with the ability to do those things which are pleasing to God and which are akin to the family of God. With the sin-nature out, and the God-nature in, this newborn person will cease from sinning and become conformed to the laws of God by love.

The believer, having been birthed by God to a new spirit and coming into union with the Spirit of Christ now in him, is able to produce the will of God for the first time. Prior to this birthing, there was no possibility of a sinner producing the will of God, for the sinner was actually dead to God and needed to be rebirthed.