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Daily Thoughts  

Two Kinds of Power
by Gene Edwards

The almighty, living God turned to Gabriel and spoke thusly.

"Go, take these two portions of My being. There are two destinies waiting. To each of them give one portion of Myself."

Carrying two glowing, pulsating lights of Life, Gabriel opened the door into the realm between two universes and disappeared. He had stepped in The Mall of Unborn Destinies.

"I have here two portions of the nature of God. The first is the very cloth of His nature. When wrapped about you, it clothes you with the breath of God. As water surrounds one who is within the sea, so does His very breath envelop you. With this, the Wind that clothes, you will have His power--power to subdue armies, shame the enemies of God and accomplish His work on the earth. Here is the power of God as a gift. Here is immersion in the Spirit."

A destiny stepped forward: "This portion of God is for me."

"True," replied the angel. "And remember, whoever receives such a great portion of power as this is will surely be known by many. Ere your eartly pilgrimage is done, your true character will be known; yea, even revealed, by means of this power. Such is the destiny of all who wear and wield this portion, for it touches only the outward man, affecting the inner man not one whit. Outward power will always reveal the inner resources, or the lack thereof."

Gabriel spoke again.

"I have here the second of two elements of the Living God. This is not a gift, but an inheritance. A gift is worn on the outer man; an inheritance is planted deep inside--like a seed. Yet, even though it appears such a small planting, in time it fills all the inner man."

Another destiny stepped forward. "I believe this element is to be mine for my earthly pilgrimage."

"True," responded the angel again. "I must tell you what has been given you is a glorious thing--the only element in the universe known to God or angels that can change the human heart. Yet even this very element of God cannot accomplish its task and fill your entire being unless it be compounded well. It must be mixed lavishly with pain, sorrow, and crushing."

taken from Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards.