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Daily Thoughts  

His Next Step
by Norman P. Grubb

You can't tell what God has for you, or what future purposes He might have in the experiences you are going through right now, so don't try to find out. Just keep doing what you feel at present He is giving you to do. He has a perfect purpose for all that is happening to you, even if at present it is not clear. So keep centered on this glorious freeing truth.

The single eye of faith of which Jesus spoke enables us to remain free within, regardless of outside circumstances and appearances. We are not to be double minded, frustrated by the circumstances. We are to accept fully the situation of the moment--the external situation He has us in, and the way we feel toward it--knowing that it is for the purpose of manifesting His life in us. Our sole job is to keep inwardly at rest in the midst of suffering and temptation--and in the midst of failure and seeming defeat--knowing that we walk with Him alone and that He walks in us and will cause us to walk in His ways.

Because He has determined to take us this way, He does not see the confusion, heaviness or perplexity, but only His next step in His perfect plan for us. And He in us is the one who will bring it to pass as we accept the present fully and rejoice in it, trusting that all things truly do work for good despite the appearance of the moment.