Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

In Christ
by Lynette Woods

"In" is one of those little words that means an awful lot.
Being in Christ is to be...
In Truth
In Love (loved and loving)
In Joy (enjoyed and enjoying)
In Trust (entrusted and entrusting)
In Tenderness
In Faithfulness

In Heaven
In Revelation (revealed and revealing)
In Light (enlightened and enlightening)
In Glory (glorified and glorying)
In Resurrection
In Victory

In Peace
In Rest (rested and resting)
In Freedom (freed and freeing)
In Family (born and birthing)
In Fellowship
In Church

In Hope
In Comfort (comforted and comforting)
In Strength (strengthened and strengthening)
In Energy (energized and energizing)
In Wisdom
In Patience

In Grace
In Ability (enabled and enabling)
In Life (enlivened and enlivening)
In Fullness (filled and filling)
In Humility
In Faith

In the Word of God
In Power (empowered and empowering)
In Richness (enriched and enriching)
In Union (united and uniting)
In Jesus Christ Himself
In Eternity