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Daily Thoughts  

The Salt of the Earth
by Fred Pruitt

When you pour salt into the soup, where does the salt go? It dissolves out of distinctiveness, and saltiness permeates the soup.

Salt does not promote itself, but instead gives savor to other things. It brings out the taste, the life. For the salt to do its job, it has to in a sense lose itself, its particular self, and become completely one with the rest of the soup.

Forgive me for sounding Kung-fu-ey here, but the analogy is true.

When the salt loses its particular-ness, it melds into the other ingredients in the soup, taking them into itself as they take the salt into themselves.

The world around us is churning with fear and trembling right now. Not one of us is for sure day by day what is the right thing to do, and there is worldwide fear and great uncertainty.

But God has not deserted us. He always leaves a remnant.

The remnant is the salt of the earth. It takes the earth into itself, as it looses its saltiness throughout all the earth.