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Daily Thoughts  

Oneness is Scary
by Fred Pruitt

Oneness is scary because it leaves all the safe ports and goes into uncharted seas, and from time to time calls unexplored territories its home. It has unsavory characters as its friends, and scalawags and scoundrels trim the sails, weigh the anchor, and even sometimes steer the boat.

It's wide open, no holds barred, the sky is the limit. When all is One, all is God, all is your friend. You have no axe to grind, no points to prove, no reputation to uphold. You exist only to be the Lamb, the light which shines outward to irradiate all around with the Love of God, to reconcile and redeem that which needs it, to edify and increase the kingdom of Love. You have no other purpose, no other Life, because the flow of Oneness with the Father is directed only outwardly, intent on only one purpose, to reproduce Love by the One Only Method of Love, which is to give itself, unreserving of itself, a total expending of itself, to reproduce into visibility the reconciliation and life that is hidden dormant in every wayward molecule of the universe.

That's what you get when you give up judgment and give it to God alone.

Unto the pure, thou wilt shew thyself pure.

Now, it might seem I've laid down a "law" here.

If you are not "one" with God, then this certainly IS a law! It MUST be fulfilled. Please give it your best shot!

However, if you are "one" with God, one person with Him, then YOU ARE this law! It IS fulfilled! There is NO condemnation in YOU, because there is NONE in God!