Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Jacob Boehme

When the Spirit of Divine Love passed through my spirit, then my humanity and the divinity form but one single being, one single conception, and one single light. A thing that is “one” has neither commandment nor law. Therefore all that is to subsist in God must be freed from its own will. It must have no individual fire burning in it; but God's fire must be its fire. Its will must be united to God, that God and the will and spirit of man may be but one, for that which is one is not at enmity with itself, for it has only one will. Wherever it goes, or whatever it does, all is one with it.

God dwells in all things and nothing comprehends Him, unless it be one with Him. But if it go out from the one, it goes out of God into itself, and is another than God, and separates itself. And here it is that Law arises, that it should proceed again out of itself into the One or else remain separate from the One. And thus it may be known what is sin, or how it is sin. Namely, when the human will separates itself from God into an existence of its own, and awakens its own self, and burns in its own fire, which is not capable of the divine fire.