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We Cannot Save Ourselves
by Molly P. Dulaney

One of the first things we have to know in our salvation is that we cannot save ourselves. If you are drowning and a lifeguard comes to save you it is best to stop trying to save yourself and relax while he carries you to safety. Sometimes a lifeguard has to let the person almost drown because they keep struggling to swim and then pull the lifeguard under too. God knew that we could not be good enough to save ourselves and nobody is good but Him. To deny self could better be understood as give up trying and admit that you are dead. Many of us may already have the feeling that we are of no use to God, but we may be closer to experiencing the denial of self than those who are constantly trying to please God by much doing even when they do it for others. Just as we cannot save ourselves, neither can we live the Christian life.

The sin that is in us had to be paid for with blood (Heb.9:22), and we paid for it in Christ when He died for us. The soul that sins shall die and we died with Him. There is no life in us unless we contain Jesus Christ, this is why we cannot live the holy life for we are dead.

From: The Answer to the Great Commission: The Disciple and the New Covenant by Molly P. Dulaney