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Between God and man: can we take it?
by Mike Mason

. . . the business of standing between God and humanity and mediating between the two is a dirty job. For essentially it means becoming the enemy of both sides. God will never give up His holiness, and man will not and cannot give up his sin. So there is an impasse. And whoever dares to step into this impasse and negotiate a peace must inevitably become the target of both man and of God, the whipping boy for both sides. This is how it was for Moses and all the prophets, this is how it was for Job, and this is how it would be for Christ Himself and for His followers. The fact is that God is looking for people just like this, people who by faith are so radically convinced of their own ultimate vindication by the Lord that they become willing to suffer any amount of divine wrath in this world, and along with it the wrath of their fellowmen, for the sake of making peace. God is looking for people who are ready to stand in the gap between sin and holiness, people who, by abandoning themselves to the bearing of the unbearable tension between flesh and spirit, between time and eternity, between necessity and possibility, become living signs of the reconciling of earth and Heaven.