Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Grace Prayer
by John Fautley

“My Children, You all hold hands round ‘the table’ and you give thanks for the food, that I have prepared for you, (that you CAN see), and in doing this, you do right. Because in giving thanks you recognise that ‘ALL’ that comes to you is from MY hands. Though I do not need you to make a ritual out of this thanksgiving, for I want you to praise me in ‘Spirit and in Truth’.

I AM more concerned about you giving thanks to ME for the food that you do NOT see. The ‘REAL’ food that I send you every day, which is, ‘The Bread From Heaven’, my VERY Self.

When Jesus was on the Earth He taught you to pray, “Father give us this day our daily bread”. He did not ask you to pray these words so that you could ‘gain’ something. Or get some Physical food. NO. He asked you to say this prayer so that you may recognise, what you already have. What I have already given, and give daily.

My Life, is the True Bread, and YOU have it. Do you not think that I am unable to sustain you with ‘material food’ and not MY True food? No. I give MY True Food ( ME), every day. Trust ME, walk in ME, and BE ME.