Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Fynn

If you go for a walk you see alot of things and you think alot of things in yore hed. Well, one of the things you think of is going home. So then you think it is a long way away and all the thinks is insid you and yore home is outsid you. So when you go home, all your think cum out of you and yor home go insid you, you see. Wen I am not with Mummy I have a lot of think in my hed, I think I wish I culd hold Mummy hand and I wish I culd kiss Mummy and I wish I culd tuch Mummy, but it all stay in my hed. But when I go home, it all come out of my hed, becase I do it. And when I do, Mummy go insid me and I go insid Mummy. If I don't go insid Mummy, how can I luk at me because I luk the rong way. So when I luv Mummy then I go insid her and luk out out of her eye and see me and see how much Mummy luv me and this is very nice and thriling.

If someone luv you they let you cum insid. But if they dont luv you, they dont. Well Mister GOD is like that to. He let you com insid and see yourself, but you got to let MISTER GOD cum in too, becase he want to luk out to see himself. You see, MISTER GOD dont like no reflekshun and if he dont look out of peples eye, how do he know what peple think of him? and this is the only way MISTER GOD can see himself. If you luk in a luking glas and see yor face reflekshun and then wink yore rite eye, the reflekshun wink the othre one, but if you see yor reflekshun wink its rite eye then you know its not a reflekshun, but you.

From: Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn