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Dear Linda,

Our Dear Heavenly Father has given us the sign (unknown to most) of who we are in relation to Him, from the very first. As you know, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve 'sewed fig leaves together' to try and hide their nakedness. (A type of their own works) to regain their relationship to God. However, our dear Father, showing His Eternal Love for His 'lost' children, covered them with SKIN!

Just as in the natural word 'sword', we get the spiritual interpretation 'words', in the natural word, 'SKIN', we get the spiritual interpretation, 'KINS' - A 'kinsman' is a blood relative! Therein is the relationship! He covered them with HIS BLOOD! Hallelujah! We have been blood related from the beginning,
and never separated in HIS eyes. PTL!

I hope this has been a satisfactory explanation. Thank you for asking.

In His Undying Love,