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Dear Linda,

I hope this message finds you as I have just acquired a new computer and am computer illiterate and not sure how to send and recieve E-Mails, ect. I live in a beautiful/rural part of Scotland, I am aged 40, married 18 years to my lovely wife and have a beautiful 10 year old daughter, named Abbey. I have also been a christian for 18 years. For the past 3-years approx,

I have been reading the writings of brother Norman and those connected with him such as yourself. In October 2002 after a long period of pain and confusion in my/ our life I had one of thse EUREEKA moments at 3a.m. in the morning in my bedroom. I always knew that there was something about Normans understanding of Gal 2 verse 20 that went futher than anyone I had ever read before such as Austen Sparks, Watchmen Nee and Gene Edwards although I love these brothers for the light they have given to the Church. Yet what Norman was saying on our one-ness and union-life with Christ was for a long time ellusive to me and yet had that strange ring of truth to it which I know to be the witness of the Spirit.

However it was not I had read his writings on Rom 7 that the penny finally dropped. As frightening as it was to believe these things, and everything in me was saying can this really be true, especially as very few mature believers I had ever known seemed to know or heard of these things. I nevertheless saw in a split second the truth of what Norman was saying, got out my bed and on my knees began thanking him with great gusto from my heart for the wonderful realization that He was in me as me.

I cannot tell you how this has affected my life in so many different ways everything is different as the dreadful gap that existed between me and my Lord has been closed forever. The awful experience of trying to Christianise my old-man made me so miserable and almost finished me off and I'm so glad now for the failure I am as I have discovered this to be my destiny and gateway to entering into my union-life with Christ. Being free from the obsession of me/and my failures and being joyfully lost in Christ to the extent I no longer think where He begins and I end is a liberty I have never known before.

I have wanted to contact you for a long time and hope this message reaches you and would love to hear from you and hope that if you do e-mail me I hope that I can workout how to retrieve e-mail from my computer as so far I have not been abble to but I'll keep trying and im sure I,ll get there in the end.

Thank you,

Date, 8/9/03