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I'm doing well. As you know, God has had me on a path of seeming nothingness the last year or so; can't read, can't study, can't pray, can't talk about Him... the nothingness of relationship with Him, it seems. It is as my friend Peter Lord says : ' what if God just put you up on a shelf and said "there you go, that's where I want you, just so I can look at you; you're fine right there" - can you accept that ? can you do nothing and be at peace ? '... He has removed me from all I have known & put me on a shelf. The fight is in being content on the shelf and He intends to take the fight out of me... and He has, in large part. So, I'm more at peace in this relationship of nothingness with Him than ever in my life. And yes, I know that even in this illusion of nothingness I am, as you say, the most loved.

I spend my days doing my work, managing the doctor's building and cleaning windows around Tarrant County and keeping the house reasonably straight while my CPA wife works damningly long hours to meet deadlines.

Love you much my little Peach of a friend -