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Subject: Thank you

I am sending this to both of you, Dee Dee and Linda, because I have the same message for both of you.

Thank you both for your consistent encouragment of growth in the Lord. There is no way to adequately thank you. For three years (that I can remember) I'd prayed, mostly with tears, having shed buckets of them, to know the Lord as He is, not as I've been taught, but as He really is. And now He is teaching me, and has taught me through your efforts, as well as through our friend George, and through so many writers whom you've shared through your e-mails, including our beloved Norman Grubb - I wish I'd known him!

Now, Sciptures make sense; life itself makes sense. An added bonus, for almost all of my life, perhaps all of it, I've had a severe depression problem, which seems to be gone, and I'm so grateful. So many answers to prayers, and I'm so very grateful!

Dee Dee, I love the books you gave me, and although I have trouble reading for long periods, due to a retina problem, perhaps that is a blessing through this; sometimes it is better to not read so fast, and to digest things better as we go. I have come to love Norman through his writings and through his own love for the Lord and his life of dedication, and his ability to help us to make sense of it all.

To both of you, thank you for your daily encuragements through your teaching e-mails. I know that my life is not, nor ever will be the same.

Love to both of you,