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To: 'Fred Pruitt'
Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2009 7:21 AM
RE: Walk Before Me -- with audio

Dear Fred,

This is really no surprise, but your article, “Walk Before Me” came at just the right time. The Lord has spoken it directly to my heart. He has made clear many things that have been going on with me. I have been experiencing so much of what you talk about in this article and being able to read it has brought so many things together in my understanding. I have been I guess say tempted to believe what I “feel” about myself…all the “imperfections” that are daily visible and it has turned into such an effort to believe that I am truly holy, righteous, blameless….perfect. The feelings have overwhelmed me and my mind has been racing around like a chicken with its head cut off. But through all this confusion and soul noise I realized something and it is exactly what you talk about…that the truth is the truth no matter what I feel or think or imagine. It is such a relief to know that…it didn’t make all the soul noise go away but it put it in it’s place. I could see deeper than it and what I saw was very very good!

I am encouraged about what you said about us being so aware of the earthen vessel than we are of the treasure within. And that is how God planned it so we could walk by faith and not sight. It makes perfect sense! I realize that I have been judging God’s life in me…I have claimed Gal. 2:20 and then proceeded to deny Christ because He didn’t look the way I thought He should in me! I didn’t consciously know I was doing this, but it is exactly what I was doing. I was putting the perfect emobodiment of the law under the law! And I laughed when you talked about Jesus and how he offended practically everyone and the disciples were always trying to tone him down…that is exactly what I have been trying to do! I kept thinking, “This is Christ, this is me”. Phooey!! What nonsense and I laugh at myself now and God and I have a good laugh at my childishness!! Another wonder I am seeing is that I am truly kept. It’s all God. Every bit of it and I don’t have to judge myself (or Him!) any longer. The separation is constantly shown to be a lie and it is a joy to see that.

The temptation always lurks to believe the outer, what is seen. You put it in such clear terms…our perfection is in the vision of God and in Him alone. How can we believe other than what God says is true? It is all becoming clearer (at least for the moment). And I know that I do not have to strive to remember or understand this because it is God’s faith that is in me and it is His Spirit that brings understanding and brings it to mind. I am truly who God says I am. Thank you Lord for proclaiming this through Fred.

Patty Musick