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Subject: Water and Blood

My dear Mary,

How very kind of you to remember the meeting at the Winter's. I did sense that night, the Holy Spirit at work in a special way!

I did read the very informative Mayo Clinic article you suggested. It has challenged me to be more conscious of water intake. Thank you.

My dear Mary, as a scientist you are obviously a very intelligent woman. Your approach to what we call "union life truth" is just as it should be. "That curious light" you mention will not grow dim from research, only brighter! God is light and love! That's ALL He is!! When He said long ago, “Let there be light", light did not then begin to exist…for that is all there was! The Light God dwelled in! He merely "let" it through!! All else was darkness. Much as is true of every life until the Spirit convicts one of spiritual need and the will ‘lets’ the light of Christ in! Yet it is ALL of Christ at work in the life of the believer. This never changes. One does become more conscious of God as we ‘see’ more of this light. The blessed fact is we recieve the complete Christ at initial conversion, but we don't know that. As Adam had both ‘natural' life and spiritual life until the Fall, so the "new creation" regains the spiritual (eternal) life! And at the precise moment one recieves Christ by faith, that perfect "union" is restored,but we don't know that. Religion begins to tell us that "We must now begin to DO certain things or meet certain standards…really to find favor with God…when Jesus always simply said "Learn of Me"! What we do not realize is that He is the way, the truth and "the life" expressed by us!! It truly is a "faith" walk.

That wonderful last line of your note to me was just perfect. My "brain will be happy with free flow of blood to every cell" which is a bit restricted now by this blockage. For many dear people the blockage of free spiritual flow is the mind (reason). It certainly is not to say this truth is "unreasonable" no, it is beyond "reason". This is recieved by faith and lived by faith, and the "substance" is Christ becoming more fixed in our consciousness. So we just live, knowing it is not "we, but HE" living! by us!!!

My dear Mary, this is much more than you may have wanted but your note to me ignited this fuse. THank you for being patient. God loves you and so do "all of us!!!