Christ As Us
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Hi Dee Dee,

I really enjoyed Saturday, Dee Dee. Felt such unexpected Grace in the whole of it. And, admit to a sense of both excitement and uneasiness in near ‘believing’ what I feel at the edge of understanding—that Christ would choose to Be as us. I get how real you and your Saturday group believe and more meaningfully, know, that to be true. I don’t yet know it so wholly in the way you do, but when Boyd and his friends shared their awareness in your home, I began to sense how It may be true.

That evening, you all seemed so very real, down-to-earth—genuine. I did wonder how could you then believe something so strange to me then as Christ-as-us. ‘As us’ sounded even a bit sacrilegious. Christ would not feel and think or act as I sometimes do I thought. He certainly wouldn’t tell God His Father that he needed space from Him, distance from the constancy of the cross.

Till that Tuesday evening meeting in your home, it was stretch for me to think of Christ in us though I’ve not forgotten the place in my self I once knew Him as Being. Over the years of distance I thought I needed to create, I relegated the issue of His Presence to the modified biblical assertion that we’re all potentially ‘Temples” of the Holy Spirit. “Temples” in those moments of Grace realized, experienced, moments when we’re knowingly filled with the Holy Spirit. By the meeting’s close, I saw a thunderous door opening gently for me. I wanted to know a lot more, to step inside. To explore how this group came to know what it simply declared. Something about the manner of you all lent credibility to the message, however different and shocking it was to my former Catholic and convent sense of relationship between God and man. The meaning of the message greatly alters most of what I’ve understood so far about the way of Christ. The Stations of the Cross might not bear the meaning I’d always taken in. One of your traveling visitors mentioned to me that you had a Bible study group. I kind of jumped at the chance to ‘attend,’ to soak up more of what had just pulsed true from your travelers. Thank you for having me, Dee Dee.

Saturday was a gift, like First Communion. I want to return again often, not knowing yet what I might have to contribute.


P.S. Thanks for the notes link, too…and yes, I’d like to take you up on getting together to talk sometime. Perhaps (?) I should first gain a stronger sense of what it is I’m trying to grasp. More tangible than air, less containable than water cupped in one hand. At this moment.

I feel a need to start as a brand new heart and, one chapter at a time, begin to read what I’ve ignored all these years. Sure feels late in the season to be planting. Heart to you for the starter seed.