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RE: Daily Thought - Union With Christ


James Stewart makes a great point. What a lot of believers do not understand is the difference between "Christ in you" and being "in Christ". The difference of being sealed or being filled, and also the difference between being the Glory and the hope of Glory!
If I have hope of Glory it is a good thing, but the prize of the high calling is being IN CHRIST through His Faith! In Christ there is no condemnation and there are many that have Christ in them and have hope but still have condemnation. In Christ we are a new creation man! Hope deferred, makes the heart sick and herein many are sick and walk as dead men amongst us, because we by faith fail to receive the exchanged man at the foot of the cross and arise in newness of life.

Our genetic blood too must be shed and realize we have are a whole new creation man and now have our genetics from our Father, as we are born (come forth) from above. This is I'm sure what Jesus meant when He said except we hate our father and mother (from a genetic view point) we cannot be His disciple.

In Christ's love, Tom