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Dear Lucas,

I would encourage you to go forward with the reading that gives you light..
At the end of the day, it is the Holy Spirit who is leading you into all truth and He will NOT lead you astray.

I had to do the same in the beginning of my own journey. While reading Norman I was introduced to writers for beyond my comfort zone, intellect and as accepted writers in fundamental circles.

At one point I was stricken with the thought that even Norman was the devil; offering a teaching that leveled me up with Jesus. I thought "this is the most satanic thing yet, to be leveled up with Jesus Christ." I soon came to see that was not my real fear but ... that I was following a man. And that is what had to be addressed and adjusted in my spirit. The very next word that came to me was this; "You are NOT following a man. You are following ME. and I will lead you into all truth." That night the issue of the living person of Christ being my guide, was settled and I have never wavered since.

You are, no doubt, as we all are in the beginning, used to trusting your intellect. To believe and trust and have Faith in the life of another is not easy. But Since it is with our hearts that we believe, while reading is grand, trusting the One about whom you are reading will bring the life and light inside your very own spirit and you know how to trust Him in a way you have never known before.

Please write again.

Lovingly in Jesus,