Christ As Us
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I see your need for faith for 'our' friend and the thought that comes to me immediately is of another, who for 12 yrs. was 'tethered to God' although looking far from it.
You know our faith moves the mountains and we shout with the Spirit in us "Be thou removed and cast into the sea." In doing that we let her go completely to the Lord. She is His and nothing she thinks or does will keep her from the kingdom which resides within her. We know the agony she is moving through... Its very dark and fearful. But the same Spirit that is rescuing H. will take G. all the way.

I am breathing a deep sigh for them both. The Lord is relentless in his pursuit of us. Faith wins and I say that KNOWING FULL WELL WHAT IT COST TO BELIEVE BEYOND WHAT WE SEE AND FEEL.

I'm willing to get together whenever you need ...

all my love,