Christ As Us
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From: LeOla
Re: Yes by Dean Chicquette

Oh! I love the wording of this thought because I have been experiencing it since learning of my Union (but did not know how to put it into words).

This is how it plays out with me: I have some 'unexpected' whammy. Christ immediately prompts (now that I am 'on to Him'..being me)....He says: 'Precious, this is from Me..for Us. (Like Fred jokingly says: God never has to say 'Boy, I didn't see that one coming!) Rather than doing what I have done for 60 years' anxious, try to figure it out, obssess, feel separated, 'pray through' etc...AT THIS VERY JUNCTURE I already know HE sends EVERYTHING my/our way (My and Our being One) . He ordained/supplied the 'obstacle, strength, resolution.' (Romans 4:17) No begging Him...just back to enjoying HIM.....The Resolution? HIM! Oh! Isn't it grand, Luli?