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Well ........... my dearest,

I just cannot get peace about what I know the Holy Spirit wants said.... either for your comfort or mine; I don't know which but since you are so close and dear to me, I'm battling with myself about whether or not to say anything...
Hope you're not about to faint.

Dear, I am so, so, thrilled with your keen, driven desire and love of William Law. I absolutely share that love and passion of him also... He is supreme to me as you know...

What tugs at me, and I know you said it in passing and I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill; is this; that William Law was a universalist and you a 'closet universalist myself'...............

In all the years that I spent with NPG, and as much as he revered WL, I never heard him bring the fact that he was a universalist to the attention of others. The strong comment, he made, when ANYONE alluded that they might be one; was to say "I part with you." And especially to David Ord, who had just come on board with us as co-editor of the U/L magazine. When David tried to tell him he would 'keep it within himself' .............. Norman looked him right in the eye and said "You will not, what is in your gut, you will speak." I have to say that watching that event let me survey the possibilities of universaliam but because Norman so strongly rejected it , I immediately saw the purpose of not letting it take root in my being; I leave that possibility, and that's all it is at this point, in the end, to God.

Since that time we have been barraged with those that hear and expound on Christ In You and yet make the universal claim that all humanity is saved. They write endlessly with their one-sided scriptures to support their position. To my mind, they are supporting a theory that NO ONE knows is true. If that position had been necessary, Jesus would have told it Himself.

You know the bible is written in opposites so that we humans must learn by them and thereby rise to personhood in our choices. If we present our conclusions as fact; then we rob others of their same opportunity of finding themselves lost and weak;
We really rob them of their own personhood;

Dear, Your STRONG SUIT is the 'seed' principal upon which WL writes his thesis and how you tell it. Its new and life-giving every time I hear you give it. This principal has been hidden and will not be widely accepted by the fundamental Christians; that's why its so important to be brought to the table and expounded on....I think you have this gift.

So, thank you for letting me say these things to you. Please write back anything you feel in rebuttal to my comments. I am with you, no matter what, to the end.... I believe God has brought you for this time... but my great fear is that you will let that take you over and it will become your focus.... so I'm turning over my fear to our sweet Holy Spirit. He knows how to keep us on His path... I love you, and know you feel the same...