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Recently a dear friend asked me a question which, at first gave me pause, then I thanked God, that my friend knew enough to ask the question. The question was,"what is the point of stressing union?"As a Believer, the questioner obviously meant, the believer's spiritual oneness with the Spirit of God. My answer, in a word was," to enable the believer to know that the life one would now live, was really Christ living it. That wonderful word of the Apostle Paul, in 1 Cor 6:17, which, if you do not know, you should lose no time prayerfully pondering these life liberating words!

The question also led me to read again that glorious Chapter 6 of John's gospel. Hear the words of our Lord Himself in v57b, "I live by the Father, so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me." Jesus was obviously refering to His comments about His being "the Bread of life, come down from Heaven." of which we all partake by faith. More on this at another time!

Another question, implicit in the first one is, "what do I do to obtain this union?" A question as old as humanity. Somehow inherent with humanity is the idea that one must do something to obtain favor with whatever one's idea of his creator may be. Sadly, religion has taken full advantage of this attribute of the self. Whatever of the world's religions , one will find a litany of works to perform in order to become a member of good standing. The Reformation was mainly sparked by Martain Luther's rejection of the Churche's abominable practise of the sale of indulgences to free souls from the pain of Purgatory. From this extreme, to the all too prevelent practices of current "how to" seminars, and ,"steps to" study groups, weary seekers of spiritual truth are blinded to the amazing free grace of our loving God whose blessed Son merely and passionately pleaded, "learn of me!" The only adamant admonition Jesus ever made was, "ye must be born again".Then mercifully more,"I will be in you, and you in me".And again,"even he shall live by me." Blessed union with Christ. Not by an adherance to a procedure, but by acceptance of a promise!! A promise by our loving Christ, victorious over sin, self, death, and hell itself! Recieved by His gift of faith made available to each of us. Hear Him again,"this is the work of God, that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent!!! As one willfully frees Him to be all of life, He then leads from,"glory to glory"!!! Amen.