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Bro.Fred what a wonderful word.The lord ask Adam who told you you was naked It wasn,t our heavenly father.Praise the lord .Who told us we were sinners The first one I remenber telling me I was a sinner was a preacher and I belived him Because I had missed the Mark quiet often.

Paulsaid it,s not I but something that dwells in me In David,s army he had 800 Mighty men that could split a hair with a sling the bible said they didn,t sin .it so sad that we label people by something do.If a girl sell,s her body we call a whore Or if a man steals a loaf of bread to feed his chrildren we call him a theif But that,s not what they are They are THE Chrilden of god. The called our lord Jesus but thats not what was he was EMANUEL GOd with us Your mother named you Fred but thats not who you are my brother my brother you are emanuel God with us You are god in the form of fred a King and a preist unto god our saviour.Paul said you did not depised the temtation that was in my flesh but but you recieved me as an angel of god even as the LORD JESUS CHRIST and and and I recieve you as the lord jesus christ no less. what don,t shout and say praise the lord. Ilove you Give my love and blessing to your wife for she also in a king and a priest Remenber you are speaking to a king and a priest