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Hello Linda,

Desire to share with you whats on my heart: hope you don`t mind. And no need to ask concerning anything that i write to you for it is already given. I just wanted to touch on the ministry of God in you that i have not shared before with you so i share it now. He wants me too!

I was in a very dark place in my life(dry bones)ezek:37,(in HIs presence)did not seem so, but now i see; He has always been there. He said he would be with me(us) in trouble, and will deliver us. I was on the island of Exuma in the Bahamas working at Four Seasons; very confused. The spirit had me sound enough to call you; and when i did; I told you about my struggle with drugs for the past 25yrs especially crack-cocaine, and i was high at the time and so distraught about the break-down of my marriage. And had every intention on doing drugs again after our conversation which i did. When you spoke to me the very tangible love of God that he expressed through you that day over the phone engulfed my being, and i felt the love all over my body literally. I wept like that was my last weeping moment, but i continue to have these moments. You did not condemn me, You did not say stop smoking lorenzo, You did not say you ought to do this or that, You did not say that you did not love me, You said that you love me, and the Freedom(Dream)of God Awakened Himself in me by the ministry of God IN YOU THAT DAY by the declaration of love.

Tears are swelling up in me now. I am so thankful. Desire to meet face to face(everything in its time);Also whenever the spirit brings me to your remembrance, just asking for an agreement in prayer that the dream of God in me is in full manifestation in me in running in the 2012 Olympic games for the Bahamas (running events 800m,1500m,3000m,4x4relay.These are the words he has given me to speak; God expresses himself through the running ability he has put in me; which is Christ. My whole being is in harmony with the running ability of God in me, For with God(in me)all things are possible. Thank you for the privilege to share.

Until Christ Lorenzo