Christ As Us
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To: Linda Bunting ; Fred Pruitt
Subject: its a good thing He is timeless because...

I don't know why, but I've had a season of walking in deception, but God has brought me back to revelation, that which I once knew I now know again...that it is Him as me. Him completely taking my humanity. This happened recently (not Him taking me...but me remembering that I am taken) (it became my confidence again). So then I started searching for more of the Truth online, although it was not out of need (for He the Truth had taken over)...I was looking for a good meditation for the mind...and found Fred's message of the Seed of Christ at Leawood.....I can't top listening to this's weird...I find myself just plum liking it...I get it...because He has gotten me...but can't stop listening to this message and I didn't know why - I kept listening but not because I didn't understand Fred's message..I understood it yet I keep wanting to hear it...then I received another realization...God just likes to meditate on His own Truth...that which He does, He looks at and says to Himself it's good...and that's what keeps happening with me being drawn to that Leawood message...I am sure of it....

please let's keep in touch,
Russ K.