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Q: As a Union Life person I am to see through and see God only. However, regarding sickness, Jesus healed all those who came to him with sicknesses. If we are operating as Him in this world, should we not treat sickness as Jesus did?

A: I think it is the biggest joke that folks always say that Jesus healed everyone. Yes, He healed many, but there were many at various places where He only chose ONE. I believe we DO treat sickness as Jesus did. As the Spirit quickens us we DO pray for the sick. THAT was AS He operated….AS THE SPIRIT AND FATHER QUICKENED Him.

I, for one, am after the unseen and eternal healings that are lasting. Our bodies will eventually get sick again and eventually die…but the REAL healing we give to folks will last into eternity. We DO raise folks from the dead in telling them Who they are. We DO tell them to “rise and walk” in giving them the truths that they are dead and Christ is their life. We DO give sight to the blind in opening the eternal to them. We DO give the deaf hearing in teaching them how to hear the Spirit. See the difference???

Oh Lord….let the other be ALL it is meant to be. For me in God raising my brother from his deathbed, I saw an alive and active God for the first time in my life….but PRAISE GOD He took Joe a year later so I would not get stuck in these temporal physical healings….PRAISE GOD!!!! It was His attention getter for me….but HARDLY the point on which to build a tabernacle….far from hardly.

Love you,